We are an international school that lives and learns together with joy, understanding, and delight in what each of us offers each other. The climate of a school includes its students and its diversity, but it includes much more than that; it includes a positive and nurturing climate which is the greatest thing about our school. Most of the visitors who enter our building always make the same comment. They say "there is such a great atmosphere here." That doesn"t happen by accident. Our students and staff are a community of learners, and community is the heart of what we each strive to establish. Developing that sense of community begins each morning as children enter the building. They are greeted by staff members who are truly glad to see them -- and tell them so."They make an effort each day to make each others day." The philosophy has also made its way into classrooms, where students are always being rewarded with for their random acts of kindness, good attitudes, and positive work ethics. We continuously look for opportunities for our own students" growth; and strive to keep lines of communication open with families.

In brief, the school always strives to meet the need of all its learners by encouraging them to achieve beyond their expectations in a safe and enjoyable environment. This is Coral International School"s mission and it is the core of all our work on ground.



- We develop self-confidence and convince students that they can achieve more than they first thought

- Students take pride in and enjoy coming to school

- Every individual is treated with tolerance, respect, and kindness

- A commitment to quality in all aspects of its work is granted

- Students and parents have confidence in the school because it puts their children"s interests first

- High standards of attainment and behavior are achieved because teachers unite in their high expectations of student performance

- Teachers lead by example in punctuality, courtesy, neatness, and self-discipline