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Parents Agreement

Dear parents

We are happy to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to CORAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. This agreement is produced to give you the necessary information which should be useful to you and your child during his/her attendance at the school. Co-operation between parents and school is most important for each pupil’s well-being, and reliance is placed upon this co-operation in both academic and behavioral matters.

Home and school are seen as an integral partnership working towards the educational benefit and social development of the student, and parents are encouraged to keep in close touch with the School. This agreement describes the rules and regulations we have adopted to ensure the smooth operation of the school and provides tips on how to maximize the experience of your child at CIS. Parents are kindly asked to read and note each of the following:

The school expects all parents to cooperate, follow and support all school regulations and policies concerning the following:


To gain the maximum benefit from school, it is important that the student attends regularly and punctually. All absences must be explained either by letter or a telephone call from the parent. School will contact the parent by telephone on the first day of any unexplained absence. Unexplained absences may also be followed up by a letter from school. School is required to keep exact records of all absences and your co-operation will be needed in this matter. (Attendance is graded).

All students should be in the school by 7:30 a.m. maximum. The first period starts at 7:45 a.m. In case of tardiness, student will be deprived from attending the first period and will be kept in the school’s reception until the end of the mentioned period. Accordingly, it will be his/her responsibility to catch any lesson and/or homework taken in this said missing period. The school day ends at 2:20 p.m. There will be no school supervision for students who stay after 2:30 p.m. All students are required to abide by the timing (in and out), or the administration will have to take the necessary measures. Any absence without a valid reason will affect the student’s progress report – where it is the student's responsibility to follow up on his missed work. Family vacations are considered unexcused absences and, therefore, expected to be scheduled on non-school days. Principal pre-approval is required for special circumstances/emergencies.   A parent letter of request is needed at least one week in advance, if possible.  Continued enrollment during extended unexcused absence cannot be guaranteed.

A medical report or a document that proves the validity of absence has to be provided in order to repeat any quiz, test or exam. If a student is absent for more than two weeks at the beginning of a semester, his name will be struck off the school rolls (any reservation fees paid will then be forfeited), unless the school is informed about it in a written letter.


A good standard of behavior is expected and actively encouraged. Should this standard not be achieved then there is a flexible but firm system of discipline, which will be enforced. Parental co-operation is encouraged. All class teachers have particular responsibilities for home/school liaison and are willing to discuss problems and possible solutions out of school time. The school is willing to provide an excellent link between home and school. If the student fails to fulfill and accomplish school tasks duties and homework for the first time, he will be instructed and guided by the teacher for the accomplishment of these duties. If the student fails again in fulfilling school duties and after several oral warnings and through positive methods, then the following procedure will be applicable: The student is deprived of the second break (to make sure he had his food during the first break), where he sits in the class under a teacher’s supervision until the home or class work is done. Upon misbehaving, the student will be deprived of second break until a written agreement or a paragraph is written by the student promising to avoid the repetition of such a negative behavior. In case the student does not show any positive improvement, then he will be deprived of his favorite class. A student will be detained after school, if he/she continues with his/her negative behavior or fails to accomplish his/her work. Finally, if again that pattern of negative behavior is repeated whether it is academic or behavioral, then the student will be suspended from school for a day or more (depending on the seriousness of the problem). This will be done after informing the parents of the problem. The student then signs a warning letter to avoid such negative patterns in the future whether academic or non-academic. The school has the full right to expel or terminate a student if the need arises any time during the year, or at the end the year.


In case a student showed recurrent low performance, the school has the right to request the student to repeat the year, dismiss the student from the school program, or refer the student to a specialist if a problem is detected. Parents are also expected to follow-up of student’s work and homework and sign agendas daily. It is also the school's right to transfer a student to another section if the need arises.


Missing or Incomplete Homework or Class Assignments refers to assignments that are either not completed or the wrong assignment was done. Students will receive a parent notification for any homework or class work violations.  Missing or incomplete work (including not following directions) will be completed at recess on the day it was due. Notifications need to be signed by a parent with the white copy returned to the teacher the following day. Homework Violations (per year): 1st-3rd Violations: Parent notification to be signed and returned to the teacher. 4th Violation:  Conference with the student and parent(s) to develop an improvement plan to address the problem. 5th Violation: Student restriction or detention. 6th Violation: Parent receives a Violation Letter. 7th Violation: Second Conference with student/parent(s) to adjust/update the improvement plan. 8th Violation:  Conference with student, parent, teacher, and administrator to place student on probation. 9th Violation:  Parent notification. 10th Violation: Student REQUESTED to transfer to neighborhood school.


Make the needed arrangements to meet with teachers. Attend parent-teacher conferences. Attend meetings pre-arranged by the school administration. Presents for teachers are NOT allowed except for flowers and cards. Communicate and cooperate with the school administration and faculty. CIS shall issue progress reports indicating students’ status and performance. School Report Cards (Grades 1 to 12) are distributed at different times per year.


Fulfill all official requests by the administration, if NOT student cannot be admitted to class. Accept the school administration decisions. Always pay the fees on time to avoid embarrassment to the child. Commitment to school attendance and participation in extra curricular activities. Report your intention to continue with the school in due time as per school regulations (two months before the end of the school year). Maintaining the school discipline policies and school premise and properties. Ensure that children suffering from contagious diseases like chicken pox, measles, lice and infectious diseases such as flu do not attend class or the examination till the quarantine period is over. When they resume school, a health report from the doctor should be sent. Abide by the school uniform in all grades. Keep a clean and tidy appearance. The school has the right to provide a new set of school uniform (to be paid by the parent), if the student is NOT wearing the proper school uniform, which is:

GradesSchool Uniform ColorPE Uniform ColorKG’s StudentsWhite Collar Shirt School’s short *School’s Jacket White or Black Shoes PE Blue Pants White T-Shirt Sport Shoes(Gr.1- Gr.12) Boys & GirlsNavy Pants White Collar Shirt School Tie *School Jacket White or Black Shoes PE Blue Pants White T-Shirt Sport Shoes

All students should have full awareness of personal hygiene. They should maintain proper haircut and appearance. Students should not wear any other jacket than the school’s one, otherwise, it will be confiscated until the end of the school year. Trimming your child’s nails, cutting the hair of the boys and tying the hair of the girls. Nail Polish and Make-up are not allowed Your kids should have a shower on a daily basis, especially on the day of P.E. Jewelries and Accessories are not allowed to be worn by the girls. Toys, Magazines are not allowed inside the school premises. Mobiles and laptops are not allowed. If brought, it will be confiscated and kept until the end of the school year. No Exception regarding this matter. Any violation will affect the student’s CONDUCT Grades in the report card. Suggestion from parents on improvement of school and welfare of children are most welcome. No student will be allowed to leave with another student after school hours, unless in emergency cases wherein the parents called the school and have sent a letter.

7. Financial

Meet the school financial requirements and timetable concerning tuition and fees payment. Deposit the amount requested by the school administration as RESERVATION FEE. Tuition fees are due at the beginning of each term and NON-REFUNDABLE at any time. Registration, reservation fees, school fees and any other payment are NON-REFUNDABLE at any time. In case a student withdraws from school at any time and for any reason during the school year, and has paid school tuition fee, books, activities, uniform, etc., parents are not entitled to any refund, or any payment and fees are non-refundable in all cases and shall pay the school fees in full. If the parent are late or fails in settling the due fees, the school maintains the right to: Forbid students from attending classes until fees are settled. The student will not be allowed to appear for the midterm or final exams unless all financial requirements until the fees are paid. Hold or refuse to issue report cards or student’s recommendations. The student may be expelled from school and his name will be automatically struck off the rolls. No responsibility falls on the school in case parents recurrently fail to abide by the financial terms and timetable of the school. Pay the cost of damages (if any) caused by the student.

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